Accessories and spare parts for Mini Compact Black & Stainless Steel VC135215 steamer Tefal

Maximum use, minimum space
Mini Compact, full steam ahead!

If you are looking for a small appliance to steam delicious meals, Minicompact is the steamer you need.
Adjust the water quantity according to the type of food you want to steam following the water indicator level
displayed in front of the steamer.
 This steamer has a patented ultracompact storage. Its bowls can be stored upside down on the base, so it is
convenient and easy to store in any kitchen.

Small but efficient!
  • Adaptable capacity to suit your needs: up to 6.5 L when using the 3 bowls
  • Water level = cooking time. Each type of ingredient requires a specific amount of water, so you always get it right.
  • Easy to clean: all elements except electrical base are dishwasher safe


Reference : VC135215

3 accessories for Mini Compact Black & Stainless Steel VC135215 steamer

  • Steam bowl grid SS-992648
    Steam bowl grid SS-992648

    Nothing beats steamed rice!

    Stock available
  • Black juice tray SS-992800
    Black juice tray SS-992800

    Easy to make stock-based cooking juices

    Stock available
  • Black Lid SS-992801
    Black Lid SS-992801

    Keeps steam inside the bowls

    Stock available
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