Accessories and spare parts for Mini Compact Black/ Stainless Steel Tefal

Ultra-compact storage thanks to upside down stacking bowls and a sleek black and stainless steel finish!

  • 3 Stackable bowls provide up to 6.5L capacity Easy to use Aquatimer: set the specific level of water for each type of ingredient and cooking stops when the water runs out.

Reference : VC135215

3 accessories for Mini Compact Black/ Stainless Steel

  • Steam bowl grid SS-992648
    Steam bowl grid SS-992648

    Nothing beats steamed rice!

    Stock available
  • Black juice tray SS-992800
    Black juice tray SS-992800

    Easy to make stock-based cooking juices

    Stock available
  • Black Lid SS-992801
    Black Lid SS-992801

    Keeps steam inside the bowls

    Stock available