All parts and accessories needed for ActiFry 2in1 YV960140 Air Fryer – 6 Portions / 1.5kg

This smart air fryer cooks two dishes at once, and even stirs for you!


  • Cook mains and sides at once for a full healthy* meal for eight people
  • Enjoy hands-free cooking and even results with automatic stirring
  • Mix up meals with 150+ healthy recipes on the free My ActiFry app


Reference : YV960140

15 accessories for ActiFry 2in1 YV960140 Air Fryer – 6 Portions / 1.5kg

  • Snacking grid XA701174
    Snacking grid XA701174

    The perfect accessory for snacks

    Stock available
  • Baking cups x4 XA702070
    Baking cups x4 XA702070

    Even more recipes for my family and friends

    Stock available
  • Handle for the upper bowl SS-993535
    Handle for the upper bowl SS-993535


    Stock available
  • Drive SS-992257
    Drive SS-992257

    Blade fixture accessory

    Stock available
  • Handle SS-993219
    Handle SS-993219

    Hold the fryer basket safely

    Stock available
  • Mixing support + seal SS-993221
    Mixing support + seal SS-993221

    For a correctly positioned mixing paddle in the bowl.

    Stock available
  • Filter SS-992271
    Filter SS-992271

    A practical grille for separating small foods.

    Stock available
  • Lid handle SS-993210
    Lid handle SS-993210

    An indispensable handle for closing your fryer lid.

    Stock available
  • Transparent lid SS-993211
    Transparent lid SS-993211

    Always keep an eye on your chips during cooking with this transparent lid.

    Stock available
  • Spoon SS-993213
    Spoon SS-993213

    A spoon for adding the right amount of oil during the preparation of your chips.

    Stock available
  • Cooking tray SS-993214
    Cooking tray SS-993214

    A grill tray for your Actifry fryer

    Stock available
  • Paddle SS-993215
    Paddle SS-993215

    For perfect mixing of your chips, you will need this mixing paddle.

    Stock available
  • Left ring SS-993216
    Left ring SS-993216

    This reference is replaced by SS-1530000311

  • Right ring SS-993217
    Right ring SS-993217

    This reference is replaced by SS-1530000308

  • Cooking tray handle SS-993218
    Cooking tray handle SS-993218

    This reference is replaced by SS-993535