All parts and accessories needed for Ultra Compact VC100715

3 ultra compact bowls for maximum capacity
3 oval bowls (total capacity of 9 L) to cook vegetables, fish, poultry... and a rice bowl - Option of modulating bowl capacities (cooking of voluminous foods, such as cauliflower, artichokes, etc.) thanks to removable grills
Completely transparent water tank for excellent visibility of the water level
External filling during cooking
Turbo diffusion: turbo steam generator to produce instant steam and optimal diffusion in the bowls thanks to the completely micro-perforated grills
Audible 60 min timer with automatic stop at the end of cooking
Juice collection tray for gravy based cooking sauces
Sieve lids for straight to table serving
Integrated egg cups at the bottom of the bowls
Dishwasher safe lids and bowls

Reference : VC100715

9 accessories for Ultra Compact VC100715

  • Rice bowl SS-984040
    Rice bowl SS-984040

    A rice cooking bowl of medium capacity.

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    Stock available
  • Turbo crown SS-990512
    Turbo crown SS-990512

    Optimal steam diffusion.

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    Stock available
  • Black container SS-986976
    Black container SS-986976

    Item no longer available to order

  • Black container SS-990514
    Black container SS-990514

    This reference is replaced by SS-986976

  • Steam bowl no.3 SS-984036
    Steam bowl no.3 SS-984036

    Item no longer available to order

  • Steam bowl n°1 SS-984038
    Steam bowl n°1 SS-984038

    Item no longer available to order

  • Removable grid SS-990515
    Removable grid SS-990515

    Item no longer available to order

  • Cover violet SS-990516
    Cover violet SS-990516

    Item no longer available to order