Disc support blade MS-5842484

Disc support blade MS-5842484
To use slicing, grating and cutting blades, etc.
Round plasticholder for positioning the different food processo blades MS-5842484 : blade for slicing thinly, grating and cutting potatoes into chips. The central part is hollow to receive the metal blades.

Designed for food processor(s):
- Iseo DO1011, DO1013, DO1021, DO1022, DO1031
- Masterchef 2000 DO211, FP211, FP212
- Masterchef 350
- Masterchef Delicio DFB0, DFB1, DFB2, DFB3, DFB4
- Masterpro Compact
- Masterpro Plus
- Rotary 300
- Store'Inn - 2L DO201, DO202, DO203, DO204, DO205, DO208, DO250
- Store'Inn - 2L Jamie Oliver DO25X
- Store'Inn - 3L DO301, DO302E, DO303, DO350
- Store'Inn Successor DO320, FP320, FP321, FP324
- Store'Inn Successor - 2L DO221, DO222
- Store'Inn Successor - 3L DO321, DO322, FP323

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Reference : MS-5842484

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Designed for 4 product(s)

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Products References Categories
Store'Inn 2 L DO250D34 DO250D34 Food preparation
Masterchef 2000 DO211B41 DO211B41 Food preparation
Store'Inn 2 L DO250D40 DO250D40 Food preparation
STORE'INN - 3L DO303E40 Food preparation