Fine grating and slicing disc MS-0A21445

Fine grating and slicing disc MS-0A21445
Disc for grating/slicing raw vegetables.
Place the bowl, the axis and the disc and close/lock with the lid.
Designed for multifunctional robots:
- Adventio FP6031
- Companion FE800, HF800
- Companion XL FE80B, HF805, HF806, HF808, HF80C
- Companion XL Gourmet HF807, HF809
- Double Force Compact DO544, DO546, FP544, FP545, FP546
- I Prep&Cook Gourmet HP605
- I Prep&Cook XL HP60A
- Masterchef 5000 DO514, FP518, FP519, FP520
- Masterchef 8000 FP645, FP648
- Odacio 3 FP731, FP737
- Odacio 3 Duo Press FP733
- Odacio 3 Duo Super Maxipress FP736, FP738
- Prep & Cook HP503
- Prep & Cook XL HP50A
- Prep Expert S8000 KA801, KA802, KA850
- Vitacompact 3L FP412, FP413, FP415
- I Companion FE900, HF900, HF902, HF905
- I Companion XL HF908
- I Companion XL Connect FE90B
- I Companion XL Gourmet HF906, HF908
- I Companion XL Touch HF934, HF936, HF938

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Reference : MS-0A21445

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Products References Categories
DoubleForce Compact Plus DO544140 Multifunction Food Processor – 800W DO544140 Food preparation
Vitacompact DO6248A4 DO6248A4 Food preparation
Cuisine Companion FE800A40 Electrical Cooking