Grey wide nozzle RS-RT9434

Grey wide nozzle RS-RT9434
A furniture nozzle which collects everything!
Flat upholstery nozzle RS-RT9434 designed for vacuum cleaner:
- MO111, MO112
- Accessimo MO151, MO1517, MO152, MO1541
- Artec 2 RO411, RO412, RO413, RO414, RO415, RO421, RO422, RO423, RO424, RO425, TW416
- City Space MO266, RO266
- City Space Cyclonic MO272, RO272
- Compact Power MO395, MO396, MO398, RO382, RO384, RO385, RO386, RO387, RO388, RO394, RO395, RO398, RO399, TW393, TW395, TW398, TW399
- Compact Power Cyclonic MO374, MO376, MO378, RO371, RO373, RO374, RO376, RO378, RO379, RO485, RO487, RO488, TW371, TW373, TW377, TW378, TW379, TW488
- Compact Power Cyclonic XXL RO482, RO485, TW485, TW487
- Compacteo MO1517, MO1521, MO1523, MO1526, MO1533, MO1536, MO1545, MO1555, MO1565, RO171, RO172, RO173, RO175, RO176
- Compacteo Cyclonic MO453, MO454, MO458, RO3449, RO346, RO348
- Compacteo Cyclonique RO3443, RO346
- Compacteo Ergo MO526, RO522, RO524, RO5255, RO526, RO5260, RO527, RO5271, TW524, TW529
- Compacteo Ergo Cyclonic MO5370, MO538, MO5380, MO539, MO5390, RO5342, RO5349, RO537, RO538, RO5396
- Compacteo Upgrade RO176, RO177, RO178, RO179
- Cosmo MO6527, RO362, RO363, RO364
- Intensium RO662, RO664, RO665
- Intensium Upgrade RO6620, RO666, RO667, RO668
- Manea RO2011, RO2026
- Mini Space RO184, RO185
- Power Space MO212, RO212, RO213, RO214, RO2141, RO232, RO233, RO234, RO236
- Power XXL RO312, RO314, RO317, TW313, TW317
- R2 RO700, RO701, RO702, RO704, RO705, RO706, RO707, RO708, RO713, RO716
- Silence Force RO452
- Silence Force Allergy+ RO684, RO685, RO688, RO689, RO774
- Silence Force Cyclonic RO723
- Swift Power Cyclonic RO291, RO298, TW292, TW294, TW297
- Triton MO111, MO112
- X-Trem Power RO683, RO684, RO685, RO686, RO687, TW685
- X-Trem Power Allergy+ RO685
- X-Trem Power Cyclonic RO695
- Zelio MO400, MO401, MO4010, MO4011, MO4015, MO402, MO4023

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