Hand blender MS-651460

Hand blender MS-651460
Combines power and performance.
This stainless steel hand blender quickly and efficiently makes soups, compotes, smoothies and purees, even from hard or fibre-rich ingredients.
- 4 large serrated stainless steel blades: 2 straight blades and 2 curved blades for exceptional blending performance with no splashing. 

Designed for blender(s): 
- Infinyforce DD863, DD866, DD867, DD868, HB863, HB866, HB869, HB86C
- Infinyforce Ultimate DD873, DD876, DD877, DD878, DD87K, HB873, HB877, HB878
- Perfect Mix Pro 9000 HZ407
- Vivacio HB867

Reference : MS-651460

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