Large hole grill MS-5A16608

Large hole grill MS-5A16608
For your mashed potato!
Large-hole screen - MS-5A16608 to obtain purees with ‘mashed potato’ texture.

Designed for blender/mixer:
- Infinyforce DD865, DD867, DD868
- Infinyforce Ultimate DD877, DD878, HB877, HB878
- Perfect Mix Pro 9000 HZ407
- Robot Marie DDG15
- Robot Marie Original DDG18
- Robot Marie Turbo DDG15
- Slimforce DD855, HB855, HB857
- Vivacio HB867

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Reference : MS-5A16608

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Designed for 1 product(s)

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INFINY FORCE ULTIMATE HB878 HB878D40 Food preparation