Measuring glass MS-651614

Measuring glass MS-651614
Practical with 800 ml capacity
Measuring glass with pour spout and large capacity for easily blending all your mixtures.

Designed for blender(s):
- Dailychef DD551, DD552, DD553
- Easychef DD451, DD452, DD45A, HB453
- Henssler HZ656
- Infinyforce DD861, DD863, DD866, DD944, HB863, HB866, HB943, HB944
- Infinyforce Pro DD953, DD95H, HB95L
- Infinyforce Ultimate DD873, DD876, DD87K, HB877
- Optichef DD642, DD64B, HB641, HB643, HB64A
- Optitouch DD830, DD831, DD833, HB833
- Perfect Mix 5000 HZ200, HZ203
- Perfect Mix 9000 HZ300, HZ305
- Perfect Mix Pro 9000 HZ407
- Perfectmix 4000 HZ451
- Perfectmix 6000 HZ552
- Perfectmix 8000 HZ64B
- Poivre & Sel HB83A
- Quickchef DD650, DD655, DD657, DD65A, DD65H, DD65J, DD65L, DD6A5, HB656, HB658, HB659, HB65K, HB65L
- Robot Marie DDG25
- Soleil DD471
- Turbomix DD121, DD12A, DD12H, HB121, HB12A

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Reference : MS-651614

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Expected availability: 29 June 2021

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Designed for 2 product(s)

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Products References Categories
Optitouch HB833840 Food preparation
Optichef HB643140 Hand Blender – 800W / White Snow & Quartzite. HB643140 Food preparation