Measuring spoon SS-994055

Measuring spoon SS-994055
The perfect amount of oil for the Actifry®
Measuring spoon: for an ideal amount of oil in your deep fryer!

Designed for deep fryer:
- Actifry AL800, AL801, AL806, AL80X, FZ700, FZ7002, FZ701, FZ706, GH800, GH806
- Actifry + AL806, GH806
- Actifry Express FZ750
- Actifry Express Snacking FZ751
- Actifry Extra FZ720, FZ722, FZ724
- Actifry Genius FZ760, FZ761
- Actifry Genius + FZ720, FZ727, FZ729, FZ773
- Actifry Gourmand FZ700
- Actifry Original FZ710, FZ712, FZ740, GH810
- Actifry Original Plus GH840
- Actifry Original Snacking FZ711, GH847
- Actifry Snacking FZ707, FZ711, GH807
- Actifry Vista FZ740
- Actifry Vista Plus GH840
- Actifry+ GH806
- Actitry Essential FZ300, FZ301

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Products References Categories
Tefal ActiFry Advance 1.2kg Snacking Air Fryer FZ729840 Black FZ729840 Electrical Cooking
Tefal ActiFry Advance FZ727840 Health Air Fryer, Black, 1.2kg, 6 portions FZ727840 Electrical Cooking
Tefal ActiFry Genius+ FZ773840 Health Air Fryer, Black, 1.2kg, 6 portions FZ773840 Electrical Cooking
ActiFry Original FZ740041 Air Fryer - White / 1kg FZ740041 Electrical Cooking
ActiFry Original FZ740040 Air Fryer - 4 Portions / 1kg FZ740040 Electrical Cooking
ActiFry Original FZ740840 Air Fryer - 4 Portions / 1kg FZ740840 Electrical Cooking
ActiFry Original Plus GH840840 Air Fryer - Black / 5 Portions / 1.2kg GH840840 Electrical Cooking
ActiFry Original Plus With Snacking Tray GH847040 Air Fryer - 1.2kg (5 Portions) GH847040 Electrical Cooking
ActiFry Original FZ710840 Health Air Fryer, Black, 1kg, 4 Portions FZ710840 Electrical Cooking
ActiFry Original Plus GH840040 Air Fryer - White / 5 Portions / 1.2kg GH840040 Electrical Cooking