Mincer attachment XF631BB1

Mincer attachment XF631BB1
Homemade minced meat.
 For preparing your own minced meat, including:
- 2 grids for thick and thin mincing,
- auto-sharpening knife
- pusher and tray
Designed for Masterchef Gourmet kitchen machine:
- Masterchef Gourmet QA400, QA401, QA402, QA403, QA404, QA405, QA406, QA407, QA408, QA409, QA410, QA411, QA413, QA414, QA415, QA416, QA417, QA418, QA419, QA500, QA502, QA503, QA506, QA507, QA508, QA509, QA50A, QA510, QA512, QA513, QA518, QA519, QA51A, QA530, QA538
- Masterchef Gourmet + QA600, QA601, QA603, QA610, QA611, QA613
- Masterchef Gourmet Soleil QA250
- Masterchef Pro QA701

Reference : XF631BB1

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