Mincer blade MS-650866

Mincer blade MS-650866
Blade to be used with care.
Mincer blade to be fitted on the short shaft protruding from the feed screw.
Note : the cutting edges must face outwards.
Blade designed for kitchen machine food processor:
- Master Perfect Gourmet KA631
- Masterchef Gourmet QA401, QA405, QA406, QA407, QA410, QA414, QA416, QA417, QA419, QA503, QA507, QA509, QA50A, QA513, QA519, QA51A, QB405, QB407, QB505, QB515
- Masterchef Gourmet + QA601, QA603, QA611, QB602, QB612, QB632
- Masterchef Pro QA701
- Masterperfect Plus KA259, KA319
- Promix QB102
- Wizzo QA307, QA309, QA317, QA319, QB307, QB309, QB317, QB319, QB31E

Reference : MS-650866

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