Multi-surface nozzle RS-RT900496

Multi-surface nozzle RS-RT900496
Rugs or carpets, parquet or hard floors, this nozzle equipped with a retractable brush adapts to all types of floors.

Designed for vacuum cleaner(s):
- City Space MO242, MO243, MO244, MO260, MO261, MO264, MO266, RO243, RO244, RO245, RO246, RO261, RO264, RO266, TW242, TW261, TW264
- City Space Cyclonic MO251, MO252, MO253, MO254, MO255, MO271, MO272, MO273, MO275, RO252, RO254, RO256, RO271, RO272, RO275, TW252, TW254, TW271, TW275
- Compact Power MO392, MO395, MO396, MO398, RO392, RO394, RO395, RO396, RO398, RO399, TW390, TW392, TW393, TW395, TW396, TW398, TW399
- Compact Power Cyclonic MO371, MO372, MO375, MO377, MO378, RO371, RO372, RO373, RO375, RO376, RO378, RO379, RP372, TW371, TW372, TW373, TW375, TW377, TW378, TW379
- Compacteo Ergo MO523, MO524, MO525, MO526, RO525, RO5260, RO5271
- Compacteo Ergo Cyclonic MO532, MO5335, MO5345, MO5370, MO5390, RO533, RO5349, RO535, RO538
- Power Space RO233
- Swift Power Cyclonic MO291, MO292, MO293, RO291, RO293, RO295, RO298, TW291, TW292, TW294, TW297

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Designed for 1 product(s)

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