Nut for blender jug MS-651391

Nut for blender jug MS-651391
Required for assembling the blender
The nut holds the blade of the blender jug.

Designed for the blender
- Blendforce KB435

- Blendforce BL420, BL425, BL427, BL428, BL429, BL42Q, BL42S, BL435, BL436, BL438, KB420, KB42Q, KB435, LM420, LM422, LM423, LM425, LM42Q, LM430, LM434, LM435, LM436, LM437, LM438, LM43Q
- Blendforce + BL425, BL445, BL44E
- Blendforce Neo BL425
- Blendforce+ BL435

Reference : MS-651391

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