Pressing screw SS-1530000012

Pressing screw SS-1530000012
Get the most from your fruit.
Important before ordering this part, please check the reference of your Infiny Press Revolution, (reference* can be found on the bottom of the product or on the packaging).
- if this reference ends in 350 i.e. ZC500H40/350* : the bowl cannot be replaced, a complete press head kit ref. SS -1530000024 has been designed to adapt to your centrifuge (reference available on our website).
- if this reference ends in 35A i.e. ZC500H40/35A*: this press head is suitable for your product

This presser, equipped with a spiral screw, allows you to extract as much juice as possible without having to peel the fruit first.

Designed for juice extractor :
- Infinypress ZU500
- Infinypress Revolution ZC500, ZU500

Reference : SS-1530000012

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