All parts and accessories needed for KITCHEN MACHINE 4.6L

The powerful easy to use Kitchen Machine that comes with shredder and blender attachments!

Uses Tefal's planetary movement system, for even and consistent mixing!
High quality metal pastry tools. 6 Speed positions and a pulse setting to handle a huge range of jobs. 4.6L Stainless Steel bowl. 1.5L Blender attachment to make great smoothies, soups and milkshakes.

Reference : QB502140

20 accessories for KITCHEN MACHINE 4.6L

  • Pad MS-650844
    Pad MS-650844

    Silent and vibration-free use of your appliances!

  • Blender jug lid MS-651150
    Blender jug lid MS-651150

    An indispensable mixing bowl lid for your Kitchen Machine.

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  • Attachment MS-650849
    Attachment MS-650849


    Stock available
  • Kneading bowl lid MS-650846
    Kneading bowl lid MS-650846

    To avoid spattering.

    Stock available
  • Measuring jug MS-651349
    Measuring jug MS-651349

    Easily measure your recipes using this cap.

  • Upper cap MS-651140
    Upper cap MS-651140

    For a uniform design for your food processor

  • Stainless steel kneading bowl MS-651149
    Stainless steel kneading bowl MS-651149

    Why not use a second bowl for even more dishes?

    Stock available
  • Grater body + pusher MS-650850
    Grater body + pusher MS-650850

    A grater with a pusher for easier grating!

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  • Fine grating cone MS-650853
    Fine grating cone MS-650853

    Nothing will be impossible for you grate carrots, potatoes and other food with this cone for fine grating.

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  • Slicing cone MS-650851
    Slicing cone MS-650851

    Slice tomato or cucumber beautifully using this slicing cone.

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  • Coarse grating cone MS-650852
    Coarse grating cone MS-650852

    Grate your parmesan or comté cheese with this cone for thick grating.

    Stock available
  • Kneading hook MS-650848
    Kneading hook MS-650848

    For delicious heavy dough recipes.

    Stock available
  • Balloon whisk MS-650847
    Balloon whisk MS-650847

    For making light sauces.

    Stock available
  • Die-cast beater MS-650178
    Die-cast beater MS-650178

    This reference is replaced by 2845940413 - MS-650821

  • Balloon whisk MS-0A17098
    Balloon whisk MS-0A17098

    This reference is replaced by 2845940416 - MS-650847

  • Fine grating cone MS-0A13303
    Fine grating cone MS-0A13303

    This reference is replaced by 2845940453 - MS-650853

  • Coarse grating cone MS-0A13302
    Coarse grating cone MS-0A13302

    This reference is replaced by 2845940451 - MS-650852

  • Slicing cone MS-0A13301
    Slicing cone MS-0A13301

    This reference is replaced by 2845940452 - MS-650851

  • Grater body + pusher MS-0A13300
    Grater body + pusher MS-0A13300

    This reference is replaced by 2845940454 - MS-650850

  • Die-cast beater MS-650821
    Die-cast beater MS-650821

    Ideal for pastries