All parts and accessories needed for Masterchef Gourmet

Powerful yet delicate for perfect mousses, tiramisu and airy desserts!

Outstanding daily cake making! Masterchef Gourmet is powerful yet delicate to help you prepare homemade pastries on a daily basis to delight your family. With its 1100W powerful motor and its 4.6L bowl, you can prepare up to 40 cupcakes at once. Masterchef Gourmet comes with 3 exclusive accessories: its unique Flex Whisk (to obtain perfect airy egg whites), its Flex Bowl (a 3-in-1 additional silicon bowl) and the Delica'tool (to prepare airy desserts in no time). Prepare cake mixtures and knead bread or pizza dough, as well, with the die cast beater and dough hook. Go beyond the world of pastries thanks to the 7 optional attachments available.





Reference : QB538D38

11 accessories for Masterchef Gourmet

  • Flexible bowl MS-651639
    Flexible bowl MS-651639

    Successful recipes every time!

  • Pad MS-650844
    Pad MS-650844

    Silent and vibration-free use of your appliances!

  • Blender jug lid MS-651150
    Blender jug lid MS-651150

    An indispensable mixing bowl lid for your Kitchen Machine.

    Stock available
  • Kneading bowl lid MS-650846
    Kneading bowl lid MS-650846

    To avoid spattering.

    Stock available
  • Measuring jug MS-651349
    Measuring jug MS-651349

    Easily measure your recipes using this cap.

  • Upper cap MS-651142
    Upper cap MS-651142

    For a uniform design for your food processor

  • Delicate mixing tool MS-651638
    Delicate mixing tool MS-651638

    For cake mixture, cupcakes, etc. 

  • Stainless steel kneading bowl MS-651149
    Stainless steel kneading bowl MS-651149

    Why not use a second bowl for even more dishes?

    Stock available
  • Kneading hook MS-650848
    Kneading hook MS-650848

    For delicious heavy dough recipes.

    Stock available
  • Balloon whisk MS-650847
    Balloon whisk MS-650847

    For making light sauces.

    Stock available
  • Die-cast beater MS-650821
    Die-cast beater MS-650821

    Ideal for pastries