All parts and accessories needed for Wizzo

You’ll love having a helping hand


Wizzo will simplify your life in the kitchen. With its pastry kit including the Patented Flex Whisk, success is guaranteed every time: cakes, quiches, pizza and other preparations will hold no secret for you. The recipes you’ve always wanted to bake, but never dared to dream will become possible. With the front opening and side command buttons, there is no need to make your head spin moving the product around in all directions. Wizzo knows how to make itself fit in any kitchen, and the flat rear design means Wizzo will fit neatly wherever you keep it. With Wizzo by your side you'll surprise yourself!



Reference : QB310138

6 accessories for Wizzo

  • Kneading bowl cover MS-652938
    Kneading bowl cover MS-652938

    Contains splashes

    Stock available
  • Whisk MS-652941
    Whisk MS-652941

    Ideal for the preparation of your desserts

    Stock available
  • Kneading hook MS-652943
    Kneading hook MS-652943

    Mixes heavy pastry dough

    Stock available
  • Stainless steel kneading bowl MS-652939
    Stainless steel kneading bowl MS-652939

    Sturdy and sizable to mix your pastry dough

    Stock available
  • Mixer accessory MS-652942
    Mixer accessory MS-652942

    Prepare your cake mix

  • Pad MS-650844
    Pad MS-650844

    Item no longer available to order