All parts and accessories needed for Tefal Optimo Oven OF445840 Mini Oven with Rotisserie, Black, 19L

The easy-to-use everyday oven!

Tefal Optimo 19L: the easiest, most adaptable oven!

With its vintage style design, Optimo 19 L is the ideal compact oven for everyday cooking. Easily select the desired temperature, timing and cooking program and enjoy all your favorite dishes.  

Reference : OF445840

6 accessories for Tefal Optimo Oven OF445840 Mini Oven with Rotisserie

  • Insert tray FS-9100020662
    Insert tray FS-9100020662

    Used as cooking plate.

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  • Grill FS-9100021514
    Grill FS-9100021514

    Practical: reversible.

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  • Spit handle FS-9100027070
    Spit handle FS-9100027070

    Risk-free handling

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  • Oven forks and spit FS-9100027071
    Oven forks and spit FS-9100027071

    For cooking all types of poultry

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  • Lower heating element*2 FS-9100020669
    Lower heating element*2 FS-9100020669

    Essential for correct use of the oven

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  • Grill FS-9100020663
    Grill FS-9100020663

    This reference is replaced by FS-9100021514