All parts and accessories needed for Multicook Advance 45 in 1 RK812142 Multicooker - 4 Portions / 5L

Spherical bowl series: Perfectly even cooking results

Spherical bowl series for : Perfectly even cooking results.

  • Ideal heat circulation for homogeneous and delicious cooking thanks to innovative spherical bowl technology. 
  • 45 cooking programmes provide great versatility to cook all your favourites dishes. DIY Chef programmes allow you to adjust the temperature, cooking time and cooking settings to customise and memorise your own recipes.
  • Durable spherical bowl, 2.5mm thickness with 6 layers including durable & resistant non-stick coating.
  • Easy to open in 1 click. Possibility to cook with the lid open.
  • Dishwasher safe for all removable parts.
  • Accessories : Steam basket, Rice spoon, Soup spoon, Measuring cup and recipe book.

Reference : RK812142

10 accessories for Multicook Advance 45 in 1 RK812142 Multicooker - 4 Portions / 5L

  • Bowl SS-995901
    Bowl SS-995901

    For consistent and delicious cooking

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  • Steam basket SS 995220
    Steam basket SS 995220

    For endless cooking possibilities

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  • Measuring cup SS-992023
    Measuring cup SS-992023

    Get the right portion of rice!

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  • Spatula SS-995736
    Spatula SS-995736

    To stir rice

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  • Spoon SS-995735
    Spoon SS-995735

    An impeccable service.

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  • Bowl SS-995416
    Bowl SS-995416

    This reference is replaced by SS-995901

  • Spatula SS-992021
    Spatula SS-992021

    This reference is replaced by SS-995736

  • Spoon SS-992022
    Spoon SS-992022

    This reference is replaced by SS-995735

  • Pressure valve SS-995434
    Pressure valve SS-995434

    This reference is replaced by SS-996102

  • Pressure valve SS-996102
    Pressure valve SS-996102

    To be cleaned regularly.