Accessories and spare parts for Family Pro FR401515 Tefal

Home cooking always seems to taste better
So instead of going to the chip shop, make your very own chips, or onion rings, or anything else that you fancy with this Family Semi Pro Fryer FR401515, Chrome and Black. This enamel bowl is easily cared for. Professional quality frying. A fully immersed heating elements, quickly heats the oil up to cooking temperature. External Basket Control a fold out handle, saves room, yet offers total control of the basket. Easy to operate. Anti-Grease Filter permanently fitted to the fryer. Viewing Window a large viewing window allows you to view your food, whilst its cooking. Temperature Light after selecting your desired temperature for your oil, a light will come on to say this temperature has been reached.

- 3 L oil capacity, 1 Kg food capacity
- Adjustable thermostat
- Removable tank
- Cool touch carrying handles

Reference : FR401515

2 accessories for Family Pro FR401515

  • Frying basket with handles (FR4015, FR4017) SS-990853
    Frying basket with handles (FR4015, FR4017) SS-990853

    You can fry up to 1kg of chips!

    Stock available
  • Lid SS-990850
    Lid SS-990850

    Prevents splashes during cooking

    Stock available
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    Product Reviews