All parts and accessories needed for Hand mixer HB500834

Easy to handle
* Removable stainless steel foot for easy cleaning.
* Ventilated at the base: prevents splashes and suction effect.
* The blender's motor unit can be adapted to a mini-chopper

Reference : HB500834

8 accessories for Hand mixer HB500834

  • Wall mount SS-193036
    Wall mount SS-193036

    For attaching to the wall

    Stock available
  • Lid + chopper attachment SS-193038
    Lid + chopper attachment SS-193038

    Avoid projections

    Stock available
  • Stainless steel hand blender SS-193034
    Stainless steel hand blender SS-193034

    A mixer for making all kinds of recipes!

    Stock available
  • Beaker + lid SS-193035
    Beaker + lid SS-193035

    For your homemade recipes.

    Stock available
  • White chopper blade SS-193039
    White chopper blade SS-193039

    A cutting blade for use with your stainless steel mixer.

  • Chopper bowl+black lid SS-193040
    Chopper bowl+black lid SS-193040

    A large bowl for mixing large quantities of ingredients.

    Stock available
  • Balloon whisk + attachment SS-193037
    Balloon whisk + attachment SS-193037

    Item no longer available to order