All parts and accessories needed for Masterchef Gourmet

Reference : QB515D38

25 accessories for Masterchef Gourmet

  • Die-cast beater MS-650821
    Die-cast beater MS-650821

    Ideal for pastries

    £6.90 £5.86
    Stock available
  • Balloon whisk MS-650847
    Balloon whisk MS-650847

    For making light sauces.

    Stock available
  • Kneading hook MS-650848
    Kneading hook MS-650848

    For delicious heavy dough recipes.

    £7.70 £6.54
    Stock available
  • Potato grater cone MS-650854
    Potato grater cone MS-650854

    Perfect for potato fritters

    £8.10 £6.88
    Stock available
  • Coarse grating cone MS-650852
    Coarse grating cone MS-650852

    Grate your parmesan or comté cheese with this cone for thick grating.

    £7.70 £6.54
    Stock available
  • Mincer blade MS-650866
    Mincer blade MS-650866

    Blade to be used with care.

    Stock available
  • Small - hole screen MS-650867
    Small - hole screen MS-650867

    A grille with small holes for finely mincing meat.

    £2.60 £2.21
    Stock available
  • Large - hole screen MS-650868
    Large - hole screen MS-650868

    For coarse mincing, use this grille!

    Stock available
  • Body + feed screw MS-650865
    Body + feed screw MS-650865

    An indispensable nut for your food processor mincer.

    £12.10 £10.28
    Stock available
  • Fine grating cone MS-650853
    Fine grating cone MS-650853

    Nothing will be impossible for you; grate carrots, potatoes and other food with this cone for fine grating.

    Stock available
  • Slicing cone MS-650851
    Slicing cone MS-650851

    Slice tomato or cucumber beautifully using this slicing cone.

    £7.70 £6.54
    Stock available
  • Grater body + pusher MS-650850
    Grater body + pusher MS-650850

    A grater with a pusher for easier grating!

    £14.10 £11.98
    Stock available
  • Measuring jug MS-651349
    Measuring jug MS-651349

    Easily measure your recipes using this cap.

    Stock available
  • Mincer tray MS-650864
    Mincer tray MS-650864

    Get mincing!

    £4.30 £3.65
    Stock available
  • Strainer basket for juice extractor MS-651154
    Strainer basket for juice extractor MS-651154

    Ideal for separating pulp from fruit juice

    Stock available
  • Stainless steel kneading bowl MS-651149
    Stainless steel kneading bowl MS-651149

    Why not use a second bowl for even more dishes?

    Stock available
  • Lid with pusher for juice extractor MS-651153
    Lid with pusher for juice extractor MS-651153

    In transparent plastic

    £9.60 £8.16
    Stock available
  • Pouring spout for juice extractor MS-651157
    Pouring spout for juice extractor MS-651157

    No more drips on the kitchen worktop

    £3.80 £3.23
    Stock available
  • Juice extractor bowl MS-651155
    Juice extractor bowl MS-651155

    Removable for easy cleaning

    Stock available
  • Juice extractor pusher MS-651152
    Juice extractor pusher MS-651152


    £4.30 £3.65
    Stock available
  • Attachment MS-650849
    Attachment MS-650849


    Stock available
  • Plastic blender bowl MS-651151
    Plastic blender bowl MS-651151

    Supplied individually (without lid or blade)

    £13.10 £11.13
    Stock available
  • Kneading bowl lid MS-650846
    Kneading bowl lid MS-650846

    To avoid spattering.

    £4.30 £3.65
    Stock available
  • Pusher for meat mincer MS-650863
    Pusher for meat mincer MS-650863

    To use with the meat mincer set.

    £3.20 £2.72
    Stock available
  • Blender jug lid MS-651150
    Blender jug lid MS-651150

    An indispensable mixing bowl lid for your Kitchen Machine.

    £4.30 £3.65
    Stock available