Pusher MS-5909820

Pusher MS-5909820
Push food safely!
The pusher MS-5909820 is used to push food into the feed tube. Always use the pusher to push food into the feed tube when you want to grate, slice, etc. Never use your fingers or utensils. Allows you to use the food processor in complete safety.

Designed for food processors:
- 2,4L Mistral FP3011, FP3021, FP3031, FP3032
- Adventio FP200, FP6001, FP6011, FP6021, FP6031, FP6051, FP606
- Iseo DO1011, DO1013, DO1021, DO1022, DO1031
- Masterchef 2000 DO211, FP211, FP212
- Masterchef 3000 FP310, FP311, FP312, FP314, FP316, FP317, FP318
- Masterchef Delicio DFB0, DFB1, DFB2, DFB3, DFB4, FP201, FP203
- Odacio 3 DFC2, DFC3, DFC31, DFC32, DFC5, FP705, FP7111, FP7131, FP7161, FP720, FP721, FP731, FP734, FP737
- Odacio 3 Duo DFC2
- Odacio 3 Duo Direct Serve FP735
- Odacio 3 Duo Digital Assistance DFC8
- Odacio 3 Duo Maxipress DFC6
- Odacio 3 Duo Press DFC3, FP733, FP740
- Odacio 3 Duo Programmable DFC7
- Odacio 3 Duo Super Maxipress DFC6, DFC7, DFC8, FP732, FP736, FP738
- Odacio 3 Duo Super Press DFC4, DFC5
- Odacio 4 DFC4
- Odacio 5
- Odacio 6 DFC6
- Odacio 7 DFC7
- Odacio 8 DFC8
- Odacio Mini Chopper FP73A
- Odacio Relifte Version FP741
- Ovatio 2 AAT3, AAT4
- Ovatio 2 Duo Press AAT5, AATY
- Ovatio 2 Press AAT4, AATX
- Ovatio 3 Duo
- Store'Inn - 2L DO201, DO202, DO203, DO204, DO205, DO208, DO250
- Store'Inn - 2L Jamie Oliver DO25X
- Store'Inn - 3L DO301, DO302E, DO303, DO350
- Store'Inn Successor DO320, FP320, FP321, FP324
- Store'Inn Successor - 2L DO221, DO222
- Store'Inn Successor - 3L DO321, DO322, FP323

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Designed for 4 product(s)

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Products References Categories
Store'Inn 2 L DO250D34 DO250D34 Food preparation
Masterchef 2000 DO211B41 DO211B41 Food preparation
Store'Inn 2 L DO250D40 DO250D40 Food preparation
STORE'INN - 3L DO303E40 Food preparation