Pusher bowl chopper MS-4A02202

Pusher bowl chopper MS-4A02202
With one push, your food will be minced with this pusher for multifunction food processors.
Pusher MS-4A02202 for the lidof the food processor bowl.
Allows you to close the feed tube on the bowl.

Designed for food processors:
- Masterchef 8000 FP645, FP648, FP650, FP651, FP652, FP653, FP654, FP657, FP658, FP659, FP660, FP662, FP663
- Masterchef 9000 FP902
- Vitacompact DO622, DO624, DO626, FP626
- Vitacompact 3L FP410, FP411, FP412, FP413, FP415, FP416

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Reference : MS-4A02202

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Designed for 1 product(s)

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