Removable timer X1060007

Removable timer X1060007
Cooking timed to perfection!
Removable timer fits onto the pressure cooker.

- lets you know when it's time to turn down the heat.
- lets you know when the cooking has finished.

* N.B.: the timer is not water-tight.

Designed for pressure cookers :
- Clipso Minut' Duo 5L Alu 48AC05
- Clipso Minut' Easy 48AB01, 48AB04, 48AB06, 48AB07, 48AB09
- Clipso Minut' Gourmet+ 3L Inox 49AB01
- Clipso Minut' Gourmet+ 5,2L Inox 49AB05
- Clipso Minut' Natural 49AC06
- Clipso Minut' Perfect 48AA01, 48AA04, 48AA06, 48AA07, 48AA09
- Clipso Minut' Perfect 4,5L Inox 48AA04
- Clipso Minut' Perfect 6L Inox 48AA06
- Clipso Minut' Perfect 7,5L Inox 48AA07
- Clipso Minut' Perfect 9L Inox 48AA09
- Clipso Minut'Duo 48AC05, 48ACMS, 48AD05, 48AE05, 48ZH05

Reference : X1060007

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