Seal 4 4,5 6 L, diam 220 mm X1010008

Seal 4 4,5 6 L, diam 220 mm X1010008
Replace at least once per year!
Seal 4/4,5L/6L , diameter 220 mm: changed once a year, it guarantees the performance of your pressure cooker.
- a hermetic seal,
- fast, safe cooking,
- preservation of flavours.
Suitable for 4-6 L pressure cookers with diameter inside the pan of 220m.
Designed for pressure cooker(s):
- Clipso Minut' Easy 48AB01, 48AB04, 48AB06
- Clipso Minut' Gourmet 49AB01
- Clipso Minut' Gourmet+ 3L Inox 49AB01
- Clipso Minut' Natural 49AC06
- Clipso Minut' Perfect 48AA01, 48AA04, 48AA06
- Clipso Minut' Perfect 4,5L Stainless steel 48AA04
- Clipso Minut' Perfect 6L Stainless steel 48AA06

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