Stainless steel blade MS-651782

Stainless steel blade MS-651782
Suitable for potato masher hand blender
Stainless steel blade fitted on the large-hole or the small-hole grid. It must be held in place using the nut.
This accessory is not optional: It is only suitable for this appliance.

Designed for hand blenders:
- Hapto DD413
- Infinyforce DD865, DD867, DD868
- Infinyforce Ultimate DD877, DD878, HB877, HB878
- Masterblend HB65I
- Perfect Mix Pro 9000 HZ407
- Robot Marie DDG15
- Robot Marie Original DDG18
- Robot Marie Turbo DDG15
- Slimforce DD855, HB855, HB857
- Turbomix DD12H
- Turbomix Plus Pp Puree DD106
- Vivacio HB867

Reference : MS-651782

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