Stainless steel foot MS-0695581

Stainless steel foot MS-0695581
For soups and compotes!
Stainless steel base , removable in a 1/4 of a turn, used to make soups, creamy sauces, stewed fruits, etc.

Designed for hand mixers from :
- Accessimo DD200
- Easy Clean DD502
- Principio DDI1, DDI3, DDI8, DDI9
- Simply Invents HB300, HB302
- Simply Invents Performa HB300
- Simply Store HB120
- Turbomix Plus DD100, DD101, DD102, DD103, DD104, DD105, DDJ1, DDJ20, DDJ24, DDJ3, DDJ4, DDJ5, HB100, HB101, HB10A, HB410
- Turbomix Plus Pp Puree DD106
- Ultra Compact DD6001, DD6011, HB406, HB407, HB408
- Uno HB504

Reference : MS-0695581

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