Two-way rotation whisk XF38J010

Two-way rotation whisk XF38J010
For successful baking!
Double rotation whisk, right to the edges of the bowl, for great results from everyday baking to sophisticated patisserie (whipped cream, sponges, all types of meringue, etc.)

Designed for food processors:
- Companion FE800, HF800
- Companion Upgrade HF900
- Companion XL FE80B, HF805, HF806, HF808, HF80C
- Companion XL Gourmet HF807, HF809
- I Prep&Cook Gourmet HP605
- I Prep&Cook XL HP60A
- Prep & Cook HP503
- Prep & Cook XL HP508, HP509, HP50A
- I Companion FE900, HF900, HF902, HF905
- I Companion XL HF908
- I Companion XL Connect FE90B, FE90C
- I Companion XL Gourmet HF906, HF908
- I Companion XL Touch HF936, HF938

Reference : XF38J010

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