Lid + chopper attachment MS-651534

Lid + chopper attachment MS-651534 An adaptable cover for the small chopper bowl.
Chopper cover placed over the 500ml chopper bowl after the blade has been attached to the axis.

Designed for hand blender:
- Henssler HZ656
- Infinyforce DD861, DD863, DD86C, HB86C
- Infinyforce Ultimate DD873, DD876, DD877, DD878, DD87K, HB873, HB877, HB878
- Masterblend HB65I
- Optichef DD64K, HB641, HB643
- Optitouch DD831, DD833, HB833
- Perfect Mix 5000 HZ203
- Perfect Mix 9000 HZ305
- Perfect Mix Pro 9000 HZ407
- Quickchef DD652, DD653, DD655, DD656, DD657, DD65C, DD65H, DD65J, DD65L, HB653, HB655, HB656, HB659, HB65E, HB65K, HB65L

Reference: MS-651534

1Eco-participation included.
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