Removable limescale collector CS-00144190

Removable limescale collector CS-00144190 Easy and efficient ant-limescale solution
The exclusive removable limescale collector quickly captures limescale particles in the upper pressure chamber, ensuring optimum performance and an extended lifespan for the appliance in the long term.

Designed for steam generator:
- Pro Express GV783, GV871, GV873
- Pro Express 4 GV781, GV783, GV785, GV786
- Pro Express Care GV906, GV907, GV908, GV959
- Pro Express Protect GV922, GV923
- Pro Express Total GV893, GV8932, GV896, GV897, GV8977, GV8978, GV898, GV8982
- Pro Express Ultimate GV955, GV956, GV959
- Pro Express Ultimate Care GV953, GV954, GV955, GV956, GV957, GV958, GV959
- Protect GV898

Reference: CS-00144190

1Eco-participation included.
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