Rubber foot x 4 SS-201756

Rubber foot x 4 SS-201756 Silent and vibration-free use of your appliances!
This pad prevent the appliance from vibrating too much so it is quieter and more much more efficient. Using this pad also protects your furniture from being damaged by the appliance rubbing against it.

Designed for:
- CT380, CT381
- Avanti Classic TT780
- Element CM470
- Equinox CM310
- Express CI390, CM390, CM392, KT420
- Maison CM461, TF700, TT770, TT771
- Oleoclean Snack FF245
- Principio CM260, FG260, FT260, FT360
- Principio Timer FG262
- Pro Aroma KM303, KM305, KM309
- Pro Aroma Plus KM321
- Pro First AM200
- Reveil Cafe CM450
- Savoy EC311, EC312, EC313, EC314, EC411, EC412, EC414, EC415, ET351, ET352, ET353, ET451
- Savoy 2 EC321, EC322, EC324, EC422
- Smart'N Light CM600, KM600
- Subito CI360, CM360, CM361, FG264, FG360, FG362, FG364, FT260, FT360
- Subito Mug CM290, FG290
- Subito Therm Timer FT362

Reference: SS-201756

1Eco-participation included.
Instructions & Manual