Steam cooker XF386B38

Steam cooker XF386B38 Go further with your Cuisine Companion!
The steam cooker is equipped with 2 additional cooking settings for making healthy and delicious meals for the whole family.
It is placed on the bowl cover after removing the cap, which allows steam to circulate freely through the steam cooker.

It includes:
- a stainless steel 3.7 L bowl,
- a steam tray,
- a drip tray,
- a transparent glass lid for observation
It is possible to cook up to 4 recipes at the same time!

Designed for the food processor:
- Companion FE800
- Companion XL FE80B
- I Companion FE900
- I Companion XL Connect FE90B, FE90C

Reference: XF386B38

1Eco-participation included.
Instructions & Manual