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Which type of Fryer should I buy?

Health Fryers

Should I choose a Health Fryer?

A fryer need not be an unhealthy option. Hot air fryers such as the Tefal ActiFry and the Tefal Easy Fry offer a healthy alternative to deep fat fryers. They use very little oil - usually 1 spoon or less - to coat the food then ’fry‘ it with circulating hot air.

Tefal Health Fryer Technology

ActiFry logo

The Tefal ActiFry is one of the UK’s leading hot air fryer brand which allows you to fry your favourites with little or no oil! ActiFry’s unique stirring paddle means the food is constantly stirred meaning you have perfectly cooked food every time with no need to stop and stir or shake!


Popular Tefal Health Fryers

Tefal ActiFry Genius Range

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Frying, Reimagined & Cutting-edge air-frying

The Tefal ActiFry Genius range are health fryers like no others, 9 automatic settings let you create more recipes than EVER before. Feed up to 8 people with access to over 300+ recipes on the free app.

Learn more about ActiFry Genius
Actifry Genius
More Health Fryers From Tefal

More Health Fryers From Tefal

The ActiFry is one of the UK's leading hot air fryer brand and we have a wide selection of models to get everyone ActiFrying!

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Don't take our word for it…

Easy Fry

The first healthy fryers combining air fry, grill, steam & more.

EasyFry range Air Fry, Grill, Steam and Oven from Tefal UK, the Creators of Air Frying.Learn more

Deep Fat Fryers

Should I choose a Deep Fat Fryer?

For those that like their fish or even their chocolate bar’s battered, or just love an authentic deep fried chip, our range of deep fat fryers are for you.

More Deep Fryers From Tefal

More Deep Fryers From Tefal

We are one of the UK's market leaders in deep fryers, whether you want to batter your banger or crisp up your chips we have a product for you.

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Why Choose a Tefal Fryer

For fantastic fried food you can make in your own kitchen, a fryer is a great addition to your worktop appliances. The number of different fryers on the market can make choosing the right one for you confusing. For those that just love chips, a chip fryer is essential, however you don't always have to stick to deep frying. Our range of ActiFry health fryers offer a great and versatile alternative. Which will you choose?
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