Frying Pans

Our non-stick frying pans are almost as hard working in the kitchen as you are!

Which is the best frying pan for me?

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No matter what delicious dish you’re cooking, ensuring the pan is at the right temperature is key to a perfect result. Luckily, our pans let you know when to start cooking…


Fixed Handle Frying Pans

Should I choose a fixed handle frying pan?

For the best frying pans look no further than the world no. 1 cookware brand. Featuring hard-wearing non stick combined with our exclusive Thermo-Spot®, you’ll enjoy delicious dishes every day.

More Tefal Cookware

More Tefal Cookware

From griddle pans to stainless steel pans, sauté pans to saucepans, we have a passion for pans!

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With the Thermo Spot, there's no risk of the pan overheating or under heating. You can sear food at just the right temperature to seal in flavour, the same way a professional chef would.


Ingenio Removable Handle Frying Pans

Should I choose an Ingenio frying pan?

The best frying pans have multiple uses in a kitchen. Ingenio takes that to another level as the removable handle lets you go from the hob, into the oven, onto the table then into the fridge in a single click.

More Tefal Ingenio

More Tefal Ingenio

Clever pan sets, saucepans, induction hob pans and woks that will save space in your kitchen cupboards!

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Why choose a Tefal frying pan?

Along with saucepans, a frying pan is the most used cookware item in a kitchen, so it makes sense to invest in one that will last. With our hard-wearing non-stick pans you are sure to have a pan which won’t scratch and where food won’t stick. Plus, with our iconic Thermo-Spot® you’ll know when your pan is at the ideal temperature to start cooking.

We have frying pan ranges for all kitchens, from classic everyday cookware to griddle pans, from stainless steel pans and induction hob pans to our ingenious Ingenio removable handle pans which let you go from the hob, into the oven, onto the table then into the fridge in a single click.

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