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For that lip smacking grilled flavour and those authentic bar marks to make you look like a pro… you need a griddle pan in your life!

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Whether you’re griddling a juicy steak or your favouite veg, ensuring the pan is at the perfect temperature is key to a perfect result. How do you know that? Our pans tell you...


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With the Thermo Spot, there's no risk of the pan overheating or under heating. You can sear food at just the right temperature to seal in flavour, the same way a professional chef would.


Why Choose A Tefal Griddle Pan?

The Tefal griddle pans have the renowned Thermo-Spot®, so you know exactly when the temperature is prime to pop your steak on to cook. Our ranges of non stick pans also have coatings that last and last, so not only is this great for making sure your sausages don’t stick but it also means cleaning your pans after is a breeze.
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