Stainless Steel Pans

Premium quality stainless steel with Tefal’s durable non-stick and Thermo-Spot<sup>®</sup>

Which type of stainless steel pan should I buy?

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Just like your oven, getting your pan to the right temperature for cooking makes a big difference. So, when should you start adding food to the pan? Don’t just guess, let our pans show you…


Fixed Handle Stainless Steel Pans

Should I choose a fixed handle stainless steel pan?

Not only stylish, our stainless steel pans offer cookware that is hard-wearing and long-lasting. Our stainless steel cookware features our tough non-stick and renowned Thermo-Spot®, so it's easy to cook like a professional.

Popular Tefal Fixed Handle Stainless Steel Pans

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Pans are our passion, from induction hob pans to saucepans, non stick pans to griddle pans.

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With the Thermo Spot, there's no risk of the pan overheating or under heating. You can sear food at just the right temperature to seal in flavour, the same way a professional chef would.


Ingenio Removable Handle Stainless Steel Pans

Should I choose an Ingenio stainless steel pan?

Switch pans in one click with our stylish and durable Ingenio stainless steel cookware range. The removable handle makes your pots and pans multi-functional and are perfect if you’re tight on space in your kitchen cupboards.

Popular Tefal Ingenio Stainless Steel Pans

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Why choose a Tefal stainless steel pan?

Stylish and hard-wearing, our stainless steel pans are a perfect investment to your kitchen. Featuring our tough non-stick and iconic Thermo-Spot® which will turn solid red to let you know your pan is at the ideal temperature, you can cook every meal to perfection. Available in single pieces like frying pans and saucepans, our stainless steel cookware is also available as pan sets and are all suitable for induction hobs. Also available in this durable material is our innovative Ingenio removable handle pans as well as our Jamie Oliver by Tefal collection for professional cooking at home.
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