Leakproof plastic food storage container range seals in freshness for up to 2 x longer*

MasterSeal Fresh 0.55L

Conventional food storage container lids have a removable seal that leaves gaps for food to get trapped – and that’s when germs form. Even running these containers through the dishwasher won’t get rid of every trace of germs.
With MasterSeal Fresh Box, the freshness seal is built right into the lid. Since the lid and seal are attached firmly to one another, there are no gap, so no germs can form – meaning your food stays fresh for up to two times longer*.
This gap-free seal also forms an odour barrier to lock in your feast’s flavour and block out any external odours. Store your MasterSeal Fresh Box in the fridge alongside the smelliest of foods (garlic and onions, we’re looking at you!) and be sure that your food won’t absorb any unwanted flavours.

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No gaps. No germs. No leaks.

Say goodbye to soggy salads with MasterSeal Fresh Box: the plastic food storage container range by Tefal. Unlike conventional containers which have a removable seal that’s prone to gaps, the MasterSeal Fresh Box range has a unique freshness seal built right into the lid. When closed, there are no gaps – which means there’s no space for germs or odours to get in. So, your food stays fresh for up to two times longer*. It’s 100% leakproof too, so you can carry it in your bag without risk of spills. MasterSeal Fresh Box is made from BPA-free materials and is certified baby food safe, so you know it’s completely harmless. Plus, the boxes are incredibly easy to use. Clean them in the dishwasher, use them in the microwave (take the lid off first) or even stash them in the freezer – they’re frost resistant so your food won’t spoil, while the transparent lids let you see what’s inside. They’re stackable too for simple storage and come with a 30-year guarantee.

  • Perfect preservation: The freshness seal and lid attach firmly to one another, eliminating any gaps –there’s no space for germs or external odours to get in, so food stays fresh for up to 2 x longer*.
  • 100% leakproof: Thanks to the unique lid seal, MasterSeal Fresh Box doesn’t leak. So, you can store your food or take it with you knowing there won’t be any unwanted spillages.
  • Safe storage: Made using BPA-free materials, MasterSeal Fresh Box is completely harmless. For your peace of mind, the boxes are also certified safe for storing baby food.
  • Easy to use: For convenience, MasterSeal Fresh Box is dishwasher, microwave and freezer friendly. The boxes are also stackable to save space when storing.
  • Quality assured: Made in Germany and built to last, every MasterSeal Fresh Box comes with a 30-year guarantee.

Other features
Lid Color BLUE  
Dishwasher safe    
Microwave Compatibility    
Watertight Not relevant  
Freezer safe    
Number of independent parts 2  
Number of products in package 1  
1 BODY 1 LID  
Price £2.70

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