All parts and accessories needed for Slimforce HB850840

A hand blender that benefits from an efficient Activflow 4 Blade Technology
Slimforce Plus : it stands two serrated inner blades for optimal ingredient grabbing and two serrated outer blades in a dual altitude for extreme mixing.

- 500ml mini-chopper: to mince or chop all kinds of ingredients like garlic, fresh herbs (mint, parsley, coriander…), onions and even small quantities of beef (for example for a bolognese sauce).
- Stainless steel wand: perfect to make soups and smoothies or prepare sauces (hollandaise sauce, mayonnaise…).
- Metal multi-wire whisk: the ideal accessory to whisk light ingredients. Make delicious whipped cream as well as meringue or pancake dough .

Reference : HB850840

3 accessories for Slimforce HB850840

  • Measuring glass MS-651614
    Measuring glass MS-651614

    Practical with 800 ml capacity

    Stock available
  • Grey stainless steel hand blender blade*4 MS-651823
    Grey stainless steel hand blender blade*4 MS-651823

    Add a little variety to your cooking.

    Stock available
  • XJ901901

    Item no longer available to order