Accessories and spare parts for Masterchef 2000 DO211B41 Tefal

Easy meals.
A highly efficient food processor with an extremely easy-to-use bowl thanks to the Easy Lock system: the lid can be unlocked by simply pressing a button at the back of the appliance.
Compact (only 16 cm wide), powerful and packed with several accessories to make all your preparations a success.
You will appreciate its blender system with an accessory that optimises the bowl capacity to prepare up to 1.5 L of soup, fruit juice and milkshake just like a real blender.

Reference : DO211B41

8 accessories for Masterchef 2000 DO211B41

  • Emulsifying disc MS-0A12059
    Emulsifying disc MS-0A12059

    For completely successful recipes

    Stock available
  • Chopper white MS-0A12058
    Chopper white MS-0A12058

    Very sharp edge

    Stock available
  • Transmission shaft MS-0A12360
    Transmission shaft MS-0A12360

    Attach your blades to your multifunction food processor using this transmission shaft.

    Stock available
  • Bowl chopper  MS-4A12357
    Bowl chopper MS-4A12357

    A really practical bowl for preparing your recipes!

    Stock available
  • Blade  D to slice thinly fine MS-4817628
    Blade D to slice thinly fine MS-4817628

    An ideal blade for finely slicing all kinds of foods.

    Stock available
  • Disc support blade MS-5842484
    Disc support blade MS-5842484

    To use slicing, grating and cutting blades, etc.

    Stock available
  • Pusher MS-5909820
    Pusher MS-5909820

    Push food safely!

    Stock available
  • Cover bowl chopper MS-5A12585
    Cover bowl chopper MS-5A12585

    Easy to install

    Stock available
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