All parts and accessories needed for Store'Inn 2 L DO250D40

Powerful, multi-functional, practical
The Store'Inn food processor is everything you could ever want from a food processor:

- its base is equipped with a drawer to store its many accessories within arm's reach
- powerful (500 W), it has 2 speeds + a pulse (turbo) function to make all your preparations easily and quickly, and knead your bread or cake dough in just a few seconds.
- comes with 6 accessories: grater, slicer, emulsifying disc, blade, knife, kneader.
- large bowl capacity (2L)

Reference : DO250D40

19 accessories for Store'Inn 2 L DO250D40

  • Knife MS-0697837
    Knife MS-0697837

    Knead, blend and mix with the Store'Inn food processor's multifunction blade.

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  • Pusher MS-5909820
    Pusher MS-5909820

    Push food safely!

    Stock available
  • Blade  D to slice thinly fine MS-4817628
    Blade D to slice thinly fine MS-4817628

    An ideal blade for finely slicing all kinds of foods.

    Stock available
  • Disc support blade MS-5842484
    Disc support blade MS-5842484

    To use slicing, grating and cutting blades, etc.

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  • Spatula MS-4785009
    Spatula MS-4785009

    Prepare lovely pastries with this flexible spatula.

    Stock available
  • Fine grating blade MS-0A13873
    Fine grating blade MS-0A13873

    Opt for thin strips.

    Stock available
  • Chopper bowl lid MS-5A07214
    Chopper bowl lid MS-5A07214

    Lid specifically for the Store'Inn food processor.

  • Measuring cap MS-5A07212
    Measuring cap MS-5A07212

    Practical for adding ingredients during preparation!

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  • Disc to emulsify  MS-4A07762
    Disc to emulsify MS-4A07762

    Successful meringues or a perfect mayonnaise with the emulsifying disc!

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  • Drawer accessory black MS-0697082
    Drawer accessory black MS-0697082

    Compartment for storing accessories within reach!

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  • Jug chopper MS-5A07200
    Jug chopper MS-5A07200

    A large capacity bowl for making family recipes.

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  • Lid for blender bowl MS-8030000814
    Lid for blender bowl MS-8030000814

    Always use the blender bowl with its lid!

    Stock available
  • Blade C to grate big MS-8030000591
    Blade C to grate big MS-8030000591

    Grating is child's play using this blade for large pieces of food.

    Stock available
  • Coarse slicing blade MS-8030000590
    Coarse slicing blade MS-8030000590

    Choose the thickness of your slices!

    Stock available
  • Transmission shaft MS-5A07208
    Transmission shaft MS-5A07208

    This reference is replaced by 8030000596 - MS-8030000596

  • Lid for blender bowl MS-4A07171
    Lid for blender bowl MS-4A07171

    This reference is replaced by 8030000814 - MS-8030000814

  • Foot white MS-0697074
    Foot white MS-0697074

    Item no longer available to order