All parts and accessories needed for Slimforce

Perfect smooth results with the Activflow Technology
Activflow technology with 4 blades
Highly ergonomic: easy to hold thanks to the soft touch material and the new handle design
Power: 700 watts
2 speeds
Includes a 500 millilitres mini-chopper and a metal whisk

Reference : HB853840

10 accessories for Slimforce

  • Stainless steel hand MS-0A14426
    Stainless steel hand MS-0A14426


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  • Chopper cover MS-7235600241
    Chopper cover MS-7235600241

    An adaptable cover for the small chopper bowl.

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  • Chopping bowl 500 ml MS-7211001615
    Chopping bowl 500 ml MS-7211001615

    Practical for chopping herbs!

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  • Whisk adapter MS-7211001258
    Whisk adapter MS-7211001258

    For attaching multifilament whisks.

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  • Chopper blade MS-7232601520
    Chopper blade MS-7232601520

    For chopping fine herbs!

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  • Base MS-0A14422
    Base MS-0A14422

    To ensure the stability of the device.

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  • Beaker 800ml MS-4A14421
    Beaker 800ml MS-4A14421

    For preparing liquid recipes.

  • Chopper bowl MS-652185
    Chopper bowl MS-652185

    Transparent and graduated

  • Stainless steel balloon whisk MS-650439
    Stainless steel balloon whisk MS-650439

    For preparing emulsions.

    Stock available
  • Chopper bowl MS-0A14423
    Chopper bowl MS-0A14423

    This reference is replaced by 7232602643 - MS-652185