Accessories and spare parts for Express Anti-calc GV7450G0 Tefal

Take care of your clothing
The GV7450 Express Steam Generator Iron.
You can iron for up to 3 hours thanks to the 1.7 litre water tank, so you don't have to keep refilling your iron as you go.
You can keep your GV7450 in perfect working order thanks to anti-scale collector. It lets you easily remove limescale from your iron for long-lasting performance.
With the Ultracord system keeping the cable safely stowed away for easy ironing, the GV7450 Express Steam Generator Iron makes ironing your clothes a breeze.

Reference : GV7450G0

2 accessories for Express Anti-calc GV7450G0

  • Cap boiler + drawer CS-00112641
    Cap boiler + drawer CS-00112641

    The anti-limescale component of your steam generator!

    Stock available
  • Mask CS-00123315
    Mask CS-00123315

    Protection for your steam generator

    Stock available
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    Product Reviews