Accessories and spare parts for Protect anti-calc autoclean GV9460G0 Tefal

High performance
Protect Anti-Calc Autoclean GV9460 steam generator: a very powerful and well-equipped generator for maximum comfort and a professional finish.
Main features: 5.5 bar steam pressure, 220 g/min shot of steam, removable 1.8 l tank.
Anti-scale collector: it collects limescale in a small container for the long service life of your steam generator.
Exclusive: it has the 1st self-cleaning soleplate, to keep its glide intact.

Reference : GV9460G0

3 accessories for Protect anti-calc autoclean GV9460G0

  • Cap boiler + drawer CS-00112641
    Cap boiler + drawer CS-00112641

    The anti-limescale component of your steam generator!

    Stock available
  • Tank removable CS-00112964
    Tank removable CS-00112964

    A very versatile, large tank.

    Stock available
  • Boiler cover cap CS-00121369
    Boiler cover cap CS-00121369

    Protect the cap

    Stock available
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