All parts and accessories needed for MASTERSEAL FRESH FOOD STORAGE ICEBOX

Leakproof plastic food storage container range seals in freshness for up to 2 x longer*

MasterSeal Fresh, ice cube box

Conventional food storage container lids have a removable seal that leaves gaps for food to get trapped – and that’s when germs form. Even running these containers through the dishwasher won’t get rid of every trace of germs.
With MasterSeal Fresh Box, the freshness seal is built right into the lid. Since the lid and seal are attached firmly to one another, there are no gap, so no germs can form – meaning your food stays fresh for up to two times longer*.
This gap-free seal also forms an odour barrier to lock in your feast’s flavour and block out any external odours. Store your MasterSeal Fresh Box in the fridge alongside the smelliest of foods (garlic and onions, we’re looking at you!) and be sure that your food won’t absorb any unwanted flavours.

Reference : K3023612