Accessories and spare parts for Cuisine Companion FE800 Tefal

Unlimited possibilities
  • Cooks, slow cooks, steams, stirs, stir fries, mixes, kneads, whips... with no need for constant monitoring.
  • 6 automatic programs + 1 manual mode.
  • A range of 5 dedicated and efficient accessories.

Reference : FE800A40

15 accessories for Cuisine Companion FE800

  • XF386B38_cuiseur_vapeur_TH.png
    Steam cooker XF386B38

    Go further with your Cuisine Companion!

    Stock available
  • XF385138_shredder_TH.png
    Vegetable cutter XF385138

    For all of your recipes

    Stock available
  • Extra stainless steel bowl XF382E38
    Extra stainless steel bowl XF382E38

    Save time and increase your cooking means

    Stock available
  • MS-0A19242_boite_de_rangement_companion_TH.png
    Storage box accessories MS-0A19398


    Stock available
  • Lid + seal MS-0A19395
    Lid + seal MS-0A19395

    Replaced by cover MS-8030000305

    see more
  • Paddle + seal MS-0A19157
    Paddle + seal MS-0A19157

    The various blades are attached to it.

    Stock available
  • Paddle seal MS-8030000417
    Paddle seal MS-8030000417

    To properly seal the bowl.

    Stock available
  • Locking ring MS-7232601568
    Locking ring MS-7232601568

    To attacher the different accessories to the bottom of the bowl.

    Stock available
  • MS-0A19150_spatule_TH2.png
    Spatula MS-0A19150

    Ideal to scrape the side of the bowl without scratching it!

    Stock available
  • MS-0A19230_goupillon_TH.png
    Cleaning brush MS-0A19230

    For perfect cleaning!

    Stock available
  • MS-0A19203_panier_vapeur_TH.png
    Stainless steel steam basket MS-0A19203

    For healthy cooking!

    Stock available
  • Chopping blade (+ protection) MS-0A19243
    Chopping blade (+ protection) MS-0A19243

    Chop and mix!

    Stock available
  • Kneading blade MS-0A19244
    Kneading blade MS-0A19244

    Kneads heavy pastry and mixes light pastry!

    Stock available
  • Whisk MS-0A19245
    Whisk MS-0A19245

    To beat eggs or mix light creams.

    Stock available
  • Mixer MS-0A19246
    Mixer MS-0A19246

    To gently mix all dishes.

    Stock available
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