Pressure cooker seal 4.5/7.5 L 792350

Pressure cooker seal 4.5/7.5 L 792350
Replace at least once per year!
  • Tips for buying the pressure cooker seal
  • This rubber seal hermetically closes your pressure cooker for fast, safe cooking. It should be replaced once a year, or earlier if the seal of your Clipso pressure cooker is damaged.
  • It is compatible with the Clipso autoclaves with a capacity of 4.5 to 6 L (and some 7.5 L models) listed below.
  • How do I change the Clipso pressure cooker seal?
  • First of all, make sure you choose a compatible rubber.
  • Insert the seal under the lid, making sure that it is clipped uniformly to the edges and under the holding device so that it remains immobile at all times:
  • Why regularly change the seal on my Clipso pressure cooker?
  • When you press on the lid button on your Clipso pressure cooker, seal 792350 is compressed by the jaw movement, which presses the lid against the bowl: The seal, therefore, hermetically closes the appliance. Steam is prevented from escaping for safe cooking. Your food is cooked faster and more evenly, and its flavour is preserved.
  • Maintain your pressure cooker for less!
  • Regularly changing the seal lets you get the best out of your appliance for longer. You replace parts rather than buying a new appliance for cooking quality that compares favourably to that of a new pressure cooker!
  • Your seal is certified as original part, which means its is fits perfectly onto compatible models and benefits from the brand's quality standards.
  • Product features
  • Diameter: 220 mm (seal interior)
  • Material: rubber
  • Original spare part
  • Designed for pressure cookers (see list of compatible appliances below).

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