All parts and accessories needed for Vitacompact DO6248A4

The most versatile food processor
The DO6248A4 Vitacompact Silver is the most versatile Tefal food processor yet, with its ingenious storage system, so no more misplaced, lost or damaged attachments.
Large 3L capacity bowl and a 1.5 litre blender attachment. A range of cutting discs, for cutting, slicing, grating and emulsifying.

- 2 speeds and Pulse
- Capacity 3lt bowl and 1.5lt blender
- Dual sided stainless steel discs for fine slicing, grating and emulsifying disc
- Includes Blender, kneading blade, spatula, citrus press, mini chopper and whisk
- Dual feeding tube
- Handy storage drawer

Reference : DO6248A4

31 accessories for Vitacompact DO6248A4

  • XF920701

    Item no longer available to order

  • White chopper blade MS-8030000708
    White chopper blade MS-8030000708

    Preparing a meal is child's play

    Stock available
  • Blender bowl MS-5A02454
    Blender bowl MS-5A02454

    Supplied individually

    Stock available
  • Coarse grating/slicing disc MS-0A21446
    Coarse grating/slicing disc MS-0A21446


    Stock available
  • Fine grating/slicing disc MS-0A21445
    Fine grating/slicing disc MS-0A21445


    Stock available
  • Lid SS-989809
    Lid SS-989809

    No splashing.

    Stock available
  • Drive MS-0678707
    Drive MS-0678707

    Required for the food processor to work properly

    £3.20 £2.72
    Stock available
  • White bowl for fine herb mill MS-5A02458
    White bowl for fine herb mill MS-5A02458

    Freshly chopped to keep all the aromas

    £6.90 £5.86
    Stock available
  • Black accessory drawer MS-0A13500
    Black accessory drawer MS-0A13500

    No need to search any more, it's all in there!

    £7.70 £6.54
    Stock available
  • Disc to emulsify MS-0697925
    Disc to emulsify MS-0697925

    Make excellent chocolate mousses with this emulsifying disc.

    £4.50 £3.82
    Stock available
  • Filter juice squeezer MS-0697575
    Filter juice squeezer MS-0697575

    Prepare vitamin-rich pulp-free orange juice using this citrus juice extractor filter.

    £4.50 £3.82
    Stock available
  • Blender jug lid  MS-4A02183
    Blender jug lid MS-4A02183

    A lid for safe mincing.

    £4.30 £3.65
    Stock available
  • Food mixer complete white MS-0697388
    Food mixer complete white MS-0697388

    Beat your egg whites or any other food using this food processor whisk.

    £9.60 £8.16
    Stock available
  • Container juice squeezer white MS-5A07404
    Container juice squeezer white MS-5A07404

    Citrus juice is within everyone's reach with this citrus fruit juicer receptacle.

    £8.10 £6.88
    Stock available
  • Measuring cap MS-5A07212
    Measuring cap MS-5A07212

    Practical for adding ingredients during preparation!

    £3.20 £2.72
    Stock available
  • Chopper bowl lid MS-5A07890
    Chopper bowl lid MS-5A07890

    Safe mincing!

    Stock available
  • Spatula MS-4785009
    Spatula MS-4785009

    Prepare lovely pastries with this flexible spatula.

    £3.20 £2.72
    Stock available
  • Cone MS-5980648
    Cone MS-5980648

    Homemade fruit juices!

    Stock available
  • Knife to knead MS-0697545
    Knife to knead MS-0697545

    Simply knead your bread dough using this kneading blade.

    £4.30 £3.65
    Stock available
  • Disc B-G to grate MS-0693452
    Disc B-G to grate MS-0693452

    Ideal for cheese

    £8.40 £7.14
    Stock available
  • Chips disc.E MS-0693761
    Chips disc.E MS-0693761

    Perfectly slices potatoes thanks to the Masterche

    £8.10 £6.88
    Stock available
  • Cover mill complete fines herbes MS-5A02208
    Cover mill complete fines herbes MS-5A02208

    Excellent for mincing fine herbs!

    £11.70 £9.94
    Stock available
  • Bowl chopper MS-5A02451
    Bowl chopper MS-5A02451

    White bowl with a volume of 3 litres.

    Stock available
  • Pusher bowl chopper  MS-4A02202
    Pusher bowl chopper MS-4A02202

    With one push, your food will be minced with this pusher for multifunction food processors.

    Stock available
  • Complete blender jug MS-5A02453
    Complete blender jug MS-5A02453

    Prepare your favourite drinks with this blender bowl.

    Stock available
  • MS-0693753

    This reference is replaced by MS-0A21446

  • MS-0693754

    This reference is replaced by MS-0A21445

  • White chopper blade MS-0693746
    White chopper blade MS-0693746

    This reference is replaced by MS-8030000708

  • Whisk white MS-5A02962
    Whisk white MS-5A02962

    This reference is replaced by MS-0697388

  • Fine grater - MS-5867560
    Fine grater - MS-5867560

    This reference is replaced by MS-0A21445

  • Grater/slicer - MS-5867561
    Grater/slicer - MS-5867561

    This reference is replaced by MS-0A21446