All parts and accessories needed for Actifry + white GH806115

A healthier way to enjoy fried foods
The Actifry Fryer GH806115 needs only one spoon of oil to deliver 1.2 kg of real crispy chips.

As well as chips, you can use this flexible fryer to prepare curries, stews, stir-fries and more.
In addition to providing a healthier cooking option, this great fryer requires new oil each time you cook, so it preserves the nutritional quality of your food far more effectively than conventional fryers.

There's no need to shake or stir during cooking - the GH806115 ActiFry features a patented hot air system and comes with a unique stirring paddle to ensure that food is evenly cooked.

Reference : GH806115

9 accessories for Actifry + white GH806115

  • Snacking grid  XA701074
    Snacking grid XA701074

    Buy the snacking grid for your Actifry snacking.

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  • Mixing paddle + seal Actifry XA900302
    Mixing paddle + seal Actifry XA900302

    For even mixing of your chips, invest in this paddle.

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  • Anti-spill ring SS-1530000270
    Anti-spill ring SS-1530000270


    Stock available
  • Handle SS-994820
    Handle SS-994820

    Remove your chips easily and completely safely!

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  • Measuring spoon  SS-994055
    Measuring spoon SS-994055

    The perfect amount of oil for the Actifry®

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  • Lid SS-993603
    Lid SS-993603

    A lid designed for your chip fryer.

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  • Pad x 4 SS-993119
    Pad x 4 SS-993119

    Silent and vibration-free use of your appliances!

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  • Bowl SS-993114
    Bowl SS-993114

    With this you can make all sorts of healthy recipes or chips.

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  • Filter SS-991268
    Filter SS-991268

    To filter your cooking oil, use this grille.

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